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Why StartSchool?

We need more unicorns and more technical co-founders in Latvia. So, we – tech industry activists – have founded the non-profit Tech Education Foundation to unite Latvian tech industry with a common goal – start the new Tech Business School "StartSchool"!

Our goals

To provide a self-directed, practice-based, curriculum and create a stable sustainable organization for ensuring professional IT education in Latvia and faster preparation of IT professionals for the labor market.

Implementation, improvement, development and provision of the educational program in Latvia to provide internationally recognized, high-quality self-managed IT education.

Constant monitoring of the needs of the labor market and provision of education in accordance with market needs in the IT and start-up sector of Latvia, for maximum economic growth and export capacity of the country, using highly qualified specialists and development of high added value products and services.

Meet our Founders

Latvian Tech Industry activists united behind our common goal – build the new Latvian tech school

Are you a fellow Latvian tech community fellow?

Find us on LinkedIn and join this next big thing

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